Snow. Enough said.


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It seems only a short time ago I was discussing my regret over living in a neighborhood with mature trees due to abundance of leaves those mature trees produce and the amount of raking which was then required. Now, as I stare out my window at six inches of snow, I only wish it was raking that were making my muscles sore and not shoveling snow. Why you ask? Well, for one, raking occurs when it is above freezing outside.

Last night, Blake and I returned home from 70 degree Phoenix weather to a winter storm advisory producing six inches of snow and snow drifts even deeper. As our taxi pulled up to our house, the driver hesitated. Our extremely long driveway (which I loved only a few short days ago), was now covered in a blanket of snow so deep that the taxi would have for sure become stuck had the driver pulled in. “Don’t worry,” I said, “We can just get out here and walk.” So, as we trudged through snow that came up to my calves in some spots to our front door, suitcases in hand, I began to worry about the task that lay before us– shoveling.

By the time we dropped off our suitcases, fed our cats, and pulled on our snow gear, it was completely dark outside and the windchill was in the negatives. So, we flipped on the Christmas lights to add a little cheer, and headed outside to start shoveling. Now, I’ve shoveled snow in ND before– but only at an apartment (when Blake wasn’t around). Prior to North Dakota, large amounts of snow were relatively rare, so when I did help shovel, it was somewhat enjoyable. I assure you however that this shoveling experience was neither little nor fun.

Even with both of us shoveling and deciding to leave the alley parking space behind our house until the weekend, the chore still took an hour at least. And while it was indeed a good workout, I had never felt so cold (yet oddly sweaty) and exhausted in my entire life. Worst of all was watching our neighbor across the street effortlessly clear his driveway and sidewalks in mere minutes with the help of his handy snow blower.

So, as we sulked back inside, peeled off our layers, and collapsed on the couch, I came to a conclusion: we need a snow blower. “Seriously?!” questioned Blake with a mix of shock and excitement. You see, I am an incredibly… umm… thrifty… person. Sure I go on a shopping spree from time to time, but always off the sale rack. However, I have a list of items I will always, and I mean always, empty my pockets for, even if they are expensive, no matter how snooty I sound:

  1. Haircuts/coloring (I mean, you have to look at your hair every day)
  2. Shoes (cheap ones are never comfortable unless they’re flip flops)
  3. Hotel rooms (cheap hotel rooms are cheap for a reason)
  4. Poultry (I watched a scary documentary once)
  5. Cat food (because my cats are my children)

And after last night’s shoveling fiasco, I decided to add another item to my list:

6.   Snow blower

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Agreed! Buy a snow blower — good for your relationship!

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