Basement Remodel Part 3: “It’s like a TV show was here!”


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After ripping down paneling, painting, more painting, and swarm of emotions, it was now time for the final phase of our remodel: installing a new floor. When we first moved into our home, the basement floor was covered by a thick, fluffy, stinky, carpet. Though we originally thought the smell was from the previous owner’s pets, we realized later, after spending a couple hundred dollars to clean said carpet, that in fact the smell was from the mold that was growing on the padding underneath. Awesome. After our basement flooded, the only solution was to rip up the carpet and send it directly to the dumpster. We were then left with a floor of really old tile, which we were warned never to rip up because it most likely contains asbestos. Also awesome.

We knew we needed to cover up the ugly asbestos tile, but weren’t really sure what our options were. Putting down new carpet was out of the question. Even though we fixed the moisture problem (we hope), our last stinky carpet experience was something we did not want to risk repeating. So after some intensive Googling, we decided vinyl flooring was the best, and least expensive, option. The best part was we were able to buy some nifty click-in vinyl strips that looked much snazzier than a roll of vinyl flooring. So, with only ten boxes of Popular Wood Plank Vinyl Click Flooring, a really sharp razor blade, a fit or two of mild profanity, and a few late nights, our floor was complete! (I’m choosing to leave out the part about Blake staying up until 2:00am one night installing part of the floor, only to realize he installed it wrong and had to start completely over).

The final step– move the furniture back downstairs. Not a major task in the scheme of remodeling, but something I am convinced all couples must do together before deciding if they should commit the rest of their lives to each other. In my experience, communication skills, patience, and forgiveness are all tested while moving furniture (especially if your partner is a foot taller than you and stairs are involved).

So with that, our basement was complete! To get the full affect, I stood outside the room, closed the door, waited a few moments, and then opened it again like I was seeing the room for the first time (don’t judge me). “Ahh!!!!” I screamed! “It’s like a TV show was here!”



What I meant was this: the basement remodel was better than I could have imagined. In all honesty, the color choice, the exposed wall, the flooring, even the fabric we chose to make drapes and a pillow were not my “typical” choice in home decor. They were funky and modern while I usually go with safe and classic. It was as if someone else had come in and remodeled our basement, like on an HGTV show… no us. And while there are still some imperfections (the ceiling tile needs to be replaced, our random “nook” needs to be painted, and if you look closely, not all the joints are flush on the floor), it is a complete 180 degree difference from what we had before or what we even imagined we could have.

So what I learned from this experience is actually not a new concept at all, but it is the first time I really understood what was meant by the adage: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

With all the frustrations (lemons) that came from this basement (the flooding, the foundation repairs, the expenses, and so on), the best choice was to turn it into something positive and move on rather than keep fixating on the negatives.

Desk area– Blake modeling by his chalk board portrait.

The nook that still needs to be painted.

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Hey you guys—–it’s beautiful and you did it yourselves. Congratulations!!

Wow! The basement looks great! So impressed by you guys! Much love from Norway

Very classy! You’re right; just like on TV. Love the colors!

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